Mari’s List® is a group of 136 companies and service providers that offer their best pricing upfront. We negotiate pricing and vet for quality and service. You save time, energy, and money.

Mari’s List® represents only orthodontists and their interests. You order directly from our companies; we are not a middleman and take no percentage. With our buying power, we negotiate deals no individual practice is able to on their own, and with 1900 members, we have massive leverage! After the first year, the median reported savings from a Mari’s List membership is $10,000 or more, with many doctors reporting a savings of $15,000 to $30,000. Several members have even reported savings of over $50,000 a year and a 4-5% dental supply cost.


Mari's List helps you know where to shop for the greatest value, savings, and service, ranging from equipment to disposables, instruments, peripherals, office supplies, and more. We actively negotiate with companies our members request if they meet our standards and fulfill a need.


Mari's List is not a Group Purchasing Organization. GPOs can take 2-3% of sales, with some charging 15-20% or more! Group purchasing platforms have hidden costs which can add up to many thousands per year. Because we do not take a percentage of sales as part of our business model, we are able to add companies that are not dental-exclusive and are not beholden to our vendors. We can provide unbiased recommendations.


With Mari's List, you get an advocate for your practice with a career’s worth of experience in orthodontics. We will guide you toward the best value for products you use every day, plus give you access to an incredible study group and major promotional deals we negotiate throughout the year.

Supply ordering is often a secondary duty given to a capable but already busy staff member, so they often stay on autopilot, defaulting to what is easiest and fastest, not necessarily the best value. They typically do not have the breadth of experience to know where to shop and simply do not have the leveraged buying power of a group like Mari's List to get the best pricing.


In our experience, we have found that doctors often do not know what percentage of revenue their supplies represent, and if they do, they are not sure whether that percentage is good or not. When you add in additional costs for self-ligating brackets, aesthetic options, and other specialized modalities, supply costs can rise rapidly. This makes it especially important to find the best products and value across the board, especially the small consumable items that are often overlooked but add up quickly.


Becoming a member of Mari's List means the savings last as long as your membership. For the first year, you pay a one-time setup fee, plus your annual membership dues. Once your first year is up, you renew for the annual fee in order to continue receiving the pricing our group offers.


If you are not convinced, see our Testimonials and ask your friends! We are referral-driven and have high member retention.

Mari's List® Membership


  • $400 one-time setup fee

  • $1200 yearly membership fee (standard membership)


  • Gain access to exclusive negotiated pricing and dedicated reps with our partner companies

  • Receive special assistance from designated Mari's List reps at each company

  • Receive a Getting Started Guide to help jump-start your membership

  • Receive a 30-minute coaching call for the doctor and inventory team to maximize your savings

  • Participate in our private Facebook Study Group where members can ask questions and share feedback

  • Exclusive promotions throughout the year

  • Free shipping at many companies on the list with order minimums

  • Access to ongoing learning through webinars hosted by our vendor partners

  • Our trainers are always available to answer questions to support our doctors and ordering teams

Glove Savings Case Study

Joining Mari’s List can cover the cost of your membership dues with the savings from gloves alone. Imagine how much you can save on other products and services by being a member.

*Prices have been adjusted to reflect increases due to COVID-19

Small Practice Example  (150-200 starts per year)

40 Boxes/Month

$16.49 Retail

$8.95 Mari's List

   Annual Savings with Mari’s List

480 Boxes/Year

$7,915.20 Retail

$4,296 Mari's List


Large Practice Example  (350+ starts per year)

100 Boxes/Month

$16.49 Retail

$8.95 Mari's List

   Annual Savings with Mari’s List

1200 Boxes/Year

$19,788 Retail

$10,740 Mari's List


Partner Companies


As our group continues to grow, so does our buying power. Mari's team works continuously to build the list in search of the best values from the best companies. We provide many options to save with the companies on our list, but some companies may not include every product or service in their offering. Our members tell us the broad mix of companies we have negotiated with delivers significant savings throughout their practices. However, the savings you gain is up to you, your practice, and your willingness to use companies on the list, as well as being open to shopping in different areas. Some product restrictions may apply.


Are you a company looking to partner with Mari's List? We are currently expanding only in areas where we do not have product or service overlap. Please send your inquiry to



  1. If our group has a need, your company or product is presented to our group to gauge interest and solicit feedback regarding member experiences.

  2. We then vet your company for product quality and customer service, to ensure we can endorse your offering(s) and that the demands of 1900 doctors can be met.

  3. We set up a discussion to lay out the rules behind our partnership agreement and negotiate pricing.

    • Being a Mari's List company means you grant our members your deepest possible discounts (on the products/services we negotiate) which may not be surpassed by anyone else in the orthodontic industry. You agree to honor this rule and extend our exclusive discounts only to current Mari's List members.

  4. There is no charge to be a partner and we do not accept commissions; you simply guarantee us your best pricing and service, and in exchange, you have instant exposure to a fantastic group of doctors.