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With more than 30 years of experience in orthodontics,
Mari Sawtelle founded 
Mari’s List®:
an orthodontic study club and buying group comprised of companies that offer their best pricing upfront. 
Overall supply costs profoundly affect your practice’s bottom line.


Mari's List® has served the Orthodontic community since 2012, negotiating better deals than an individual orthodontic practice is able to on many of the best quality products and services available. The companies on our list give you their best overall deals upfront, pre-negotiated, with no haggling. 


Mari has had the advantage of working on both sides of the orthodontic field, in-office as a lab tech and B2B in orthodontic sales as a company trainer, gaining expertise with suppliers as well as practices. After she saw what was able to be accomplished as the director of purchasing for a 12-doctor orthodontic group, she set out to offer the same inventory efficacy and value for every orthodontic practice, large or small.


This is what we have built with Mari's List. Members of Mari's List receive large group pricing and can save on quality products without being confined to one company. Our members also have a fast track to the best customer service our partner companies can offer.


(1990) Mari with Dr. Larry Andrews,
the creator of the "A" Company
Straight-Wire® Appliance,
and his son Dr. Will Andrews


Dr. Corwyn Hopke

Mari's List® has revolutionized the way we manage inventory. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows the orthodontic supply industry better than Mari does. 

If a product is on Mari's List, I can be confident it is a high-quality product at a fair price. I know she's already done the screening to weed out products not worth my time. If you are an orthodontist looking to save money, get better organized, or get unbiased information, joining Mari's List is a no-brainer.


Dr. Daniela Toro

I want to thank the team at Mari's List for the extraordinary help during this difficult time during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I joined the group in April 2020 and you have no idea the sense of relief I felt knowing where and how to order all of the PPE and recommended supplies.
The Facebook group where we can read the most updated guidelines and recommendations has been a blessing. It's nice to have someone have your back!

Dr. Kyle Fagala

One of the most difficult tasks as a young orthodontist with a start-up practice is finding the best prices and quality for orthodontic supplies.


Mari has the experience and the relationships to broker great deals on great products, and she is committed to regularly improving her list. The best part is that the price for membership is extremely reasonable.


Our company specializes in dissecting P&Ls to determine practice overhead as part of the valuation process. Mari’s List gives you first-year returns many times over and keeps paying dividends.


As I have gotten to know Mari over the years, I know that she is relentless in her pursuit of the best discounts on quality products for her clients. Her level of passion for the specialty and her clients is rarely seen.


We have asked her to write for our company newsletter several times in hopes that orthodontists would join Mari’s List, because we know a membership with her group helps reduce overhead, systemize purchasing, and raise practice values. Make the call – it is worth every dime.


–Chris Bentson, Bentson Copple & Associates

Mari's List uses the combined bargaining power of
2100+ members across the US and Canada.