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"I want to thank Mari, Emily, Cory and all the team at Mari's List for the extraordinary help during this difficult time during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I just joined the group a few weeks ago, and you have no idea the sense of relief of knowing where and how to order all the PPE and recommended supplies.
Thank you, also, for the Facebook group where we can read the most updated guidelines and recommendations. It has been a blessing. Thank you for the many hours of hard work putting everything together and getting us great deals. It's nice to have someone have your back! Being a business owner is already stressful enough. MANY THANKS and stay healthy!"
–Dr. Daniela Toro



 "Mari is the best! Very helpful and communicates well. She has taught us to order supplies in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

–Dr. Chuck Alexander



"I had known about Mari's List for years but never considered joining, because I was convinced I was already getting the absolute best deals due to my amazing bargaining skills which go back for generations, and I could not see value in joining. About 6 months ago, while looking to buy an expensive piece of equipment it was brought to my attention that if I was a member I would receive a big discount. The savings would cover my membership for several years, so I figured I'd join, get the discount, and go from there.


As I was joining and getting ready to make that equipment purchase, Mari was extremely helpful and available. I felt that her advice and suggestions were sincere, unbiased, and had my best interest in mind. Ultimately, I ended up not even buying the item I joined for in the first place, but here is what I learned about Mari's List:

  1. The prices offered to members were significantly better than my pricing on the same products from the same companies. This is coming from someone who always tries to get the best deal.

  2. The services offered to members such as the study group, access to people in the know, etc. has made a big impact on my practice and my bottom line.

  3. Having Mari advocate for me with a particular company personally saved me a significant amount of money (5 figures). She went out of her way, during the holidays, to help a very new member in an unexpected but much-appreciated way! I don't believe I would have gotten the outcome I wanted without her help.

  4. One of the most impressive benefits is the VIP treatment I've received from every vendor on Mari's List. Maybe she picks amazing vendors, maybe they are worried about disappointing her members, but every interaction started with outstanding service, led to significant savings, and ended with the comment "we love working with Mari's List members".


This is my personal unsolicited experience. I am sharing it because I would have joined sooner if I knew better."

–Dr. Yossi Bar-Zion


"Mari has been instrumental in the careers of successful orthodontists for her entire professional life. As a sales trainer, she helped ‘A’ Company become the premier orthodontic supplier before they were acquired and then did the same for Align. Nowadays it is important to be efficient with our time and control our inventory expenses. Having Mari on your team gives you an ace in the hole for when trouble comes and time is of the essence. I highly recommend Mari and her services, my only hesitation being I hope she doesn’t get too busy for me!"

–Dr. Andy Barron


"Mari, you are an absolute angel for the orthodontic world. Thank you so much for your dedication to our profession, for sharing your knowledge, for building a wonderful community on Facebook that is a fantastic resource for our practice every single day. The membership saves us thousands and thousands of dollars every year but most importantly has given us peace of mind knowing that we are getting great quality, affordable products. We appreciate you and your team, your hard work and very long hours you have been putting in during the COVID-19 crisis. May God bless you, your team, and your family with a long, healthy, happy life!"

–Dr. Elena Black


"I've been a member of Mari's List for 3 years now and could not be more pleased. We are saving over $20,000 a year compared to the previous owner's ordering patterns without a drop in product quality or patient care, and my clinical supply costs are regularly less than 5% of gross collections.  Anyone who doesn't join must not like saving money. Taking the time to make full use of a Mari's List membership is by far the best ROI in orthodontics."

–Dr. Brian Bolerjack



"What an incredible surprise to find Mari's List! When I found out about the group, I couldn't wait to inform my team. The 'bracing team' at Kalamazoo Orthodontics was so pleased to begin to utilize Mari's List. Mari's exceptional service and dedication to continual improvements, updates, and quality are second to none. We are very pleased to be involved with Mari and her incredible support team!"

–Dr. Jay Bowman



“One of the best consultants I have used. I recouped her fee in a matter of weeks with savings on clinic supplies! No one works harder for the orthodontist than Mari.”

–Dr. Richard Boyd



"Mari's List is a no brainer for any startup. Besides the MANY things I have been able to save money on, the forum alone is worth the membership. The forum has allowed me to save time price shopping and figuring out which products will work best in my office."

–Dr. Anuj Camanocha


"Working with Mari has been one of the most amazing experiences! Ordering and purchasing my supplies at rock bottom prices feels so good. It’s simply shocking how much a solo practitioner overpays for supplies. With Mari, I always know that I am getting the best deal and get the benefit of her negotiations for her clients. Over several years it could easily add up to $100,000 in savings! Becoming her client is one of the best decisions that I have made for my practice in years."

–Dr. David Chenin



"We are so excited about using Mari’s services. She truly knows her stuff and is wonderful to work with. I love the ability to ask a question via email and receive a quick response. In the first three months, she has saved us over $2,000 and we have not ordered everything on the list yet. I can’t wait to see how much more we can save."

–Dr. Kyle Childers



"I never thought I'd save so much so fast! I bought a practice 8 months ago and had heard good things about Mari's List. Being a new practice owner with huge new financial responsibilities, I was trying to pinch every penny so I put it on the back burner. Big mistake! I finally came to my senses and joined 3 months ago. Since that time I have saved enough to cover more than the cost of my yearly membership and the savings just keep adding up. My only regret is that I didn't join the day I closed on my practice!"

–Dr. Mark Clauss



"When it comes to customer service and guest experience, I have very high standards. Mari and her team not only meet expectations but routinely find ways to EXCEED expectations time and time again. Mari is kind, genuine, helpful and will always go out of her way to answer questions.  We've been able to save so much in inventory costs all because Mari and her team have worked so hard on our behalf. So grateful for Mari and her team, and would highly recommend others to join."

–Dr. Grant Collins



"As an orthodontic clinical consultant, I work with clients to increase clinical efficiency, inventory and cost control. Mari's List is a fantastic tool I recommend to help my clients to help them in all these areas. I know every time I refer a client to Mari she will take great care of them. Saving time ordering and getting quality items with great discounts are huge benefits for my clients and Mari comes through every time! Her years in the industry have given her an in-depth knowledge of the best products and resources that few others have. I am honored to call Mari my friend and colleague!"

–Andrea Cook, Sterilization Consultant



"Stumbling into the Mari's List booth at the Winter AAO was the best thing I have done for my practice in a long, long time! We are 1 month into using Mari's List vendors and are already saving money. Thank you so much for all that you do. You are a Godsend for my practice."

–Dr. Dave Cordes



“One of the most difficult tasks as a young orthodontist with a start-up practice is finding the best prices for orthodontic supplies. Mari has the experience and the relationships to broker great deals on great products, and she is committed to regularly improving her list. The best part is that the price for membership is extremely reasonable."

–Dr. Kyle Fagala



"I am a new member of Mari's List and the savings are far greater than I could have expected. I kept hearing about Mari's List but never took the time to look into it... BIG MISTAKE! I wish I had joined years ago! Mari is extremely knowledgeable and responsive if you are looking for a vendor or advice. We have been extremely pleased with the customer service and ease of the vendors that she has selected to be part of the group. I thought it would take me awhile to get my girls to consistently research and order from these new vendors but everyone is so excited by the savings that they always check the Mari's List vendors first. I would highly recommend joining!"

—Dr. Patty Fleming



"I've always been very skeptical about 'buying groups' or membership-related companies or organizations. After speaking with Mari and hearing that offices were saving so much, the decision to sign-up was a no-brainer! In fact, I immediately saved a ton of money within the first few months! Not only do you reduce your overhead, you don't have to suffer through website after website shopping for the best deals. Everything is incredibly well organized and most of her vendors have monthly specials which save us even more! Thank you so much for making everything so simple."

–Dr. Robert Gire



“Joining Mari’s List could not have come at a more opportune time. Our ordering person of 10 years relocated and we needed to completely overhaul and computerize our process. Mari’s years of experience in orthodontic sales, training, purchasing, and her wealth of knowledge about the products have proved invaluable to us. She has provided insight into new companies with better price points and has ultimately reduced our spending on our clinical supplies.”

–Dr. Joel Gluck



"Since joining Mari's List a year ago we have saved over $10,000. Definitely saved the membership fee and then some within the first few months of signing up. Mari has taught our team how to order smartly to save the most on products and shipping. If you enjoy saving money on great products that you already use every day then sign up! If you want to work with a team that works hard to ensure your experience with these companies is excellent then sign up today. Thank you, Mari!" 

–Dr. Bradley Goings



"I started to work closely with Mari Sawtelle a few years ago, but from the beginning of our negotiations, I was impressed by her professionalism and willingness to help! She has been extremely helpful for me and my practice. Her advice along with the discounts offered has made our practice run more efficiently. I highly recommend working with her, and I know you will find her very supportive in many ways."

–Dr. Silvana Gonzalez



“Mari's List® revolutionized the way we manage inventory. As the head of a buying group, Mari negotiates discounts with top vendors to save us thousands of dollars each year. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who knows the orthodontic supply industry better than Mari. After the initial setup, Mari continues to be an invaluable resource. As staff in my office changed, she's always been available to coach additional people to ensure we are as organized as we can be.

As a new business owner and a father, I don't have time to fully research every single product from every single vendor. If a product is on Mari's List, I can be confident it is a high-quality product at a fair price. That confidence allows me to advance my practice faster, as I know she's already done the screening to weed out products not worth my time. If you are an orthodontist looking to save money, get higher quality products for the same price, get better organized, or get the unbiased scoop on great new products, joining Mari's List is a no-brainer.”

–Dr. Corwyn Hopke



"I am excited to add Mari to my extended team. Her industry knowledge is unparalleled, and the money she will be saving us is huge. Thank you, Mari, for making such a difference in our practice!"

–Dr. Anil Idiculla



“It is amazing the money that can be saved by critically looking at your inventory spending. Mari does a great job not only by directing you to vendors but also by monitoring vendor savings so you don't have to. She has your, the Orthodontist's, back covered in so many areas. Your investment will be returned several-fold in a short amount of time.”

–Dr. Mark Johnston



"I'm so glad I joined "Mari's List" this year. Mari is an expert in the orthodontic field, and she gave me great tips. I was able to save thousands of dollars by joining her list. I've been practicing Orthodontics as an associate for over 10 years, and now I'm starting my own practice. The process has been equally as exciting as demanding. Having Mari's list as a resource and her advice has helped me tremendously. Thank you, Mari!"

–Dr. Dima Kalakech



"Mari's List introduced a paradigm shift in purchasing orthodontic products. I am always impressed with how responsive Mari is in helping to find the right products for my practice as well as following up with the vendors to make sure that we receive the products on time. Kudos to Mari and her team for creating such an AMAZING company."

–Dr. Rooz Khosravi



"What I love about Mari's List (aside from the breadth of vendors, monthly specials, the everyday value we get with items that we use every single appointment) is the way Mari conducts her business. She's a champion for our specialty, and she always does her best to make things right. When a company isn't performing, she holds them accountable and goes to bat for you. When a company is performing well, she still keeps at them to give us the best value. Even though her company has grown, I feel she's available for touching base and is always there for us."

–Dr. Jeff Kwong



"Joining Mari’s List was a smart move for our practice. It is essential to spend wisely when bulk ordering supplies. Mari has not only made this an effortless task but has opened my staff and I up to many companies that have the same goal in mind. Having only placed my first order, I already made up for the membership fee and then some. The benefits are limitless and the customer service given by Mari herself is exceptional. She is hands-on throughout your partnership and is passionate about making your investment a success. I can guarantee any practice will feel the same way."

–Rachel Lopez, Clinical Coordinator at McGill Orthodontics



"I heard about Mari’s list about a year before I ended up joining it. I waited so long because I thought that I had already negotiated some good deals with the vendors and would be surprised if the membership fee would cover any additional savings. I finally got around to talking with Mari and I was completely wrong. Not only were the savings huge I was very impressed with her knowledge on the products. However, the thing that I appreciate the most is that she is just not adding every vending company under the sun to be part of her list and that she spends time vetting each supplier and making sure every offering on her list is a quality product. That is awesome and gives me peace of mind when trying new products."

–Dr. Zachton Lowe



"Mari shares our passion for helping people with their smiles. You probably know that she has one of the most impressive resumes in orthodontics, but did you know that she is also a fierce tambourine player? We have been friends for over 25 years so I can tell you a lot of good things about Mari, but the bottom line is this: Mari knows ortho, and she can save you money."

–Dr. Bud Luecke



"There are buying clubs and then there is Mari’s List. It's like comparing night and day. Significant supply cost and equipment savings are enhanced by very active negotiation. The Mari's List Study Group is truly remarkable and something that I have not found anywhere before. It gives you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of exceptional orthodontists. Mari is a connected contact person for the industry and can help with unique problems. Her care for her group and personal support is just downright amazing. You have a challenge, Mari’s there for you! Costs and stress have gone down. What more could I ask for?"

–Dr. Jim Lyles 



"We couldn’t be happier with the savings we’ve experienced through Mari’s List. So far, we’ve saved almost $50,000 on clinical supplies compared to the first 6 months of last year and have been happier with the performance of the new products than we were with the old! We’re currently ordering 99% of our clinical supplies from Mari’s list vendors. Clinical supplies now run us 4.5 to 5.0% of gross income. Before using Mari’s List in 2014 they were 8% and in 2013 they were 9%. All of the reps have provided terrific service as well as great quality products. They all seem happy to be affiliated with Mari’s List."

–Dr. Dan Merwin



"Mari is highly organized, concise, professional and a pleasure to work with. After working with her it is obvious how much she enjoys her work. The savings she is able to unearth by evaluating your inventory is remarkable. I recommend her to anyone who enjoys systems and saving money."

–Dr. John Murray



"Mari's List not only seeks out great vendor partners to provide excellent value for our supplies, but Mari brings refreshing integrity and advocacy for what is best for our needs. We have saved multiples of what our membership costs each year—making Mari's List membership a no-brainer. "

–Dr. Greg Nalchajian



"Mari has a wealth of experience, having been in the orthodontic supply business for nearly 30 years. She brings bulletproof systems, keen negotiating skills, and fastidious attention to detail when analyzing orthodontic supply purchasing decisions for an office. I think every doctor would benefit from working with Mari and joining Mari's List."

–Dr. Tito Norris



"Working with Mari is as easy as it was when she first walked into my office over 20 years ago as an A Company sales rep. She was always the one sales rep that put the interest of the doctor first. With her many years in both sales and purchasing, she has the experience and drive to revolutionize purchasing of all your orthodontic needs. With very little effort or change on my part, she has cut my supply bill by 50-75%. It’s like getting a free truck every year!"

–Dr. John Oliver (In memoriam, 1952-2017)



"The discounts that Mari’s List has been able to negotiate are incredible! Not only has Mari been able to secure relationships with well-known dental and orthodontic companies, but she has also brought on other businesses to help with office supplies, marketing, and technology. Mari has negotiated great deals for everything from orthodontic instruments to ink toner to telephone services! It’s nice to have one source that you can trust will give you the best deals, regardless of the volume of your order."

–Dr. AJ Ortega



"Thank you, Mari’s List for taking our supply costs to the lowest level ever. We have always shopped prices and negotiated hard, but in the first couple months of our Mari’s List membership, it had already paid for itself. A brilliant idea you had, Mari. Thanks for following through on your vision for all of our benefit!"

–Dr. Carlyn Phucas



"If you are not part of Mari's list you need to be! I have been consistently impressed with the dedication Mari has not only to Orthodontics and the Mari's List group, but to the individual members as well. She and her team work tirelessly on your individual needs and the collective benefit of her members. I can't tell you how many times she has been an advocate on my behalf and how hard she fights for the members. Recent examples include working with companies to help improve the quality of necessary products. I'm most impressed with how she goes to bat for all of the members to help make things right whenever it's needed. A Mari's List membership is essential to help keep your costs down while providing the highest quality products for your patients, and team — taking your voice into a collective entity to provide you with excellent care and service through all your purchases."

–Dr. Michael Pickard



"I have been a Mari’s List member for 5 years now. Mari and her team are an extension of my own and they have taken away the pain points and frustrations common with traditional reps and vendors. Mari is always curating vendors and this has translated to tens of thousands of dollars in savings for my practice. Our bracket cost was cut in half! Thank you Mari!”

–Dr. Susan Podray



“Mari worked one on one in our office with our inventory manager creating a fully customized analysis. Her finely tuned recommendations fit our needs, and she uncovered even more savings by spending time with us.”

–Dr. Roxanne Robertson



“I became a member of Mari’s List after talking to several colleagues and hearing about their practice savings.  I started my practice from scratch and have always been conscientious about keeping our overhead in check, but after joining Mari’s List we immediately saved thousands of dollars in supply costs.   However, with time my focus became diverted to other practice concerns; we become complacent and thought that we could find similar deals and discounts on our own.  Because of this distraction, we let our Mari’s list membership lapse and it wasn’t long before I realized that our expenses were rising.  We re-enrolled and I am happy to report that our supply costs are now trending in the right direction...


The orthodontic landscape is changing and most orthodontists recognize the essential nature of controlling their overhead and improving their practice efficiencies to remain competitive and profitable.   I feel that membership with Mari’s List is one way orthodontists can do this.  Mari’s List is more than a buyers club.  Mari and her team are personally invested in your practice success and they serve as a strong advocate for orthodontic best practices.  Mari brings years of experience and thousands of orthodontic relationships and harnesses her expertise on your behalf!  I strongly recommend Mari and add my testimonial to thousands of other orthodontic teams in encouraging Mari’s List membership.”

–Dr. Chad Rowan



“I often wish there was an extra hour in the day so I could review my vendors and see if I'm getting the biggest bang for my buck. Being part of Mari's List is that 25th hour, that special team member who is always looking out for my best interest. The discounts on my first purchase paid for my membership dues! With Mari's List, I can increase my income by reducing my overhead and still get great quality products.”

–Dr. Sheldon Salins



I am absolutely obsessed with Mari's List... Best thing I ever did! Everyone in my office knows if they're not ordering from a company that is on Mari's List, then there better be a darn good reason for ordering it!
–Dr. Michael Sheinis



“As a faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University, when the residents ask me about joining Mari's List, I simply respond with, 'Just do it!'”

–Dr. Jeremiah Sturgill



“We joined Mari's List in May and WOW! Mari's List savings on supplies and equipment has already had a huge impact on reducing our overhead. Mari is just awesome and her in-depth knowledge of products and the "business of orthodontics" is unmatched. We have found the Facebook forum especially valuable for real peer reviews about new and established products and equipment. She is always available for questions and recommendations about various products. I especially appreciate how receptive she is about contacting non-Mari's List vendors recommended by member doctors for discounts for our group. We are very pleased with Mari's List and absolutely recommend her services.”

–Dr. David Taylor



"I have known Mari for 8 years and it is always a pleasure to work with her. I have great respect for her knowledge of the orthodontic industry, her professionalism and her passion for securing high-quality orthodontic products at the most affordable prices. I recently purchased a practice, so when it came time to evaluate orthodontic supplies, I decided to utilize Mari’s List. With Mari’s help, we immediately identified and realized cost-savings with our inventory. Mari is very prompt and attentive when we have questions or need advice. I would highly recommend Mari’s List for anyone who would like to reduce inventory costs without sacrificing high-quality orthodontic products!"

–Dr. Jesse Teng



"I love the savings that Maris list has given us. We are not a huge office but the subscription has more than paid for itself after only a month! Doctors opening a new office or needing equipment should definitely consider joining. Benco took great care of us!"

–Dr. Melanie Wang



"Mari and her team are the best! They are always there to answer any questions and concerns, and their responses are extremely fast. They bend over backward to provide the best service for us. Their great advice helps us select the best products while also saving a ton of money. I would highly recommend Mari's List for anyone who is starting up or looking to reduce their overhead."

–Dr. Brian Zebrick 



























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