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Frequently Asked Questions










How does Mari’s List work?

Mari’s List represents only doctors and their interests. You order directly from the listed companies and are coded as a Mari's List member to receive exclusive pricing. We are not a middleman, do not mark up prices, and do not accept any compensation from companies. We use our collective buying power to negotiate the deepest possible discounts and pass that savings directly to our members. 



How are the companies on the list chosen?

Mari's team thoroughly researches all of the companies on our list. They must offer consistently high-quality products and customer service. If we have concerns or questions, our team of beta doctors test out the product or service and provide feedback. We add companies based on what the group asks for, and what makes sense for our members.



Do you have any Canadian members? 

Yes! We have members who practice in Canada and we adjust our membership dues based on the exchange rate. About 70% of our companies currently sell and ship to Canada. 



Will I definitely save back my membership dues?

Yes, you easily will if you use the companies on the list. Most practices will recoup the membership fee on the savings from just a few products or companies alone. After that, it is all savings right to your bottom line. If you have concerns, we recommend talking to our members about their experiences.



How much can I expect to save annually?

Being a member of Mari's List is like being a member of a gym – the more you use it the better the results you will get. The average reported savings for a typical single doctor practice in the first year is $10,000 to $30,000. We recently had a 5-office group save more than $100,000 in their first year.



Do I have to change bracket suppliers to save? 

No. Many doctors are happy with their brackets and are not interested in switching, but if you do, we have options. The factor that really affects your bottom line is consumables: products you use once and throw away. It's all about volume and busy practices go through tons of consumables.



Do I have to change everything to save? 

No! You can pick and choose what you want to change. You have total control over whom you choose to buy from. You can mix and match whatever works best for your practice. Some companies on the list you may already buy from. Once you join our group, you are coded as a Mari’s List member and exclusive pricing is unlocked.



What if I’m already in a company buying group? 

No problem. Many of our doctors participate in company buying groups along with Mari's List or may be part of a study club with added purchasing power. There are so many other companies and places to save, the combined savings can be really significant.



Do I have to spend countless hours researching and comparing products? 

The Mari's List team is happy to help get you started on the right foot, and we have dedicated representatives at our companies who can help cross-reference your ordering list for you.










How do we order products and services? 

You order directly from each company, the same as you did before. The majority of our companies have a representative designated to switch over your pricing once you join if you were already buying from them. Many of our companies offer online ordering and can provide you with an ID and PW to see products with our discounts already applied.



If we already buy from a company on the list, will we get the Mari’s List discount? 

Yes, all you have to do is tell them that you have joined Mari's List the first time you place a new order. They will check our database to confirm, and you will begin receiving our negotiated pricing. It’s that simple. Most of our service providers and consultants offer new business discounts only and do not grant retroactive pricing.



If we already have an ordering person or a rep at a Mari's List company, can we still use them? 





What if I already have a strong inventory person who is getting good prices for me? 

Many offices do! However, our list is comprehensive and we offer discounts only available to large group organizations. It is difficult to beat a group as big as ours - the biggest in Orthodontics.



Is there any training once you sign up? 

After joining, we send you a Getting Started Guide and offer a 30-minute coaching call for the doctor and ordering staff. We also have several organizing templates and effective supply list examples available for download.



Once I join, what kind of support do I receive?

We have a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and participate in discussions with other members. Members post tips and share info on products they recommend. We post special promotions and offer advice on how to be more organized and improve your ordering systems. Our staff follows up with your ordering teams throughout the year, and we are always available to answer quetsions.



Does Mari's List receive any financial compensation from the companies on the list? 

None. The companies do not pay to be part of our list and do not provide any compensation. We make our profit from the yearly membership dues and pass all the discounts negotiated directly to our members. Our coaching staff does not receive commission or compensation from companies for recommending their products. You have the peace of mind that if we recommend a product or service, it's genuine.



I am a vendor. How do I get on the list?


Click here to learn how.



How do you pronounce "Mari"?


Like "Mary" - her name is short for Mariann.


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